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Thoughts On Tonight’s American Idol February 22, 2006

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Um, Bobby Bennett? Those things you’re singing are called notes. Each one is supposed to sound different than the others. And the song you’re singing, “Copacabana”? It comes in a key, which means you sing specific notes. When Barry Manilow sings it, it is swingy and smooth. Your voice is all over the place, and your breathing is all wrong. Smooth? Not so much.

Simon is asking you if you think the people watching the show are wondering if he, Paula and Randy are “off their rockers”. Yes, I do. This guy can not sing. Period.

And Ryan Seacrest? I’m getting tired of this guy. He just told Simon to stop being negative and give Bobby some “constructive criticism”. Tell you what, Ryan. You stick to what you know, hair-care products and shameless self-promotion, and let Simon do the judging, ‘kay? Thanks.

This is Ace Young. Okay, his name is Ace, which is fairly cheesy, but he just sang George Michaels’ “Father Figure” in a breathy sexy voice and oh, baby. Mmm…mmm….mmm
Me likey.

Chris Daughtry sang the heck out of “Wanted:Dead or Alive”. Will Makar and Kevin Covais were also good. I know everybody loves silver-haired Taylor Hicks, but I thought his rendition of “Levon” was less than great. Of course, he’s the one Simon loves the best.

I tried to call and vote for Ace but the lines are busy. I can’t believe I called a reality show. Did I mention I actually watched an episode of “Flavor of Love” on VH1? Flavor Flav took two women to a Palm Springs spa, one of whom said “Yoga? What’s Yoga?”. Then they painted each other with mud, got into the shower together, met for dinner, and then one of the women slipped him a love note that got her invited to Flav’s room for some (ahem) personal time. What the hell is wrong with me? Why did I watch this? I need help.



1. Izzy - February 22, 2006

I don’t even watch AI but this was so damn funny! As for “Flavor of Love”, I’m pretty sure the person that needs help is the one writing love notes to Flav. Um…ewww.

2. Mightymouse Mommy - February 22, 2006

I can’t believe you think Kevin Covias was good but didn’t like Taylor Hicks. Kevin’s lisp *drives me to nervous twitches* and this is coming from me, who shares a home with someone who went to a speech therapist for his own lisp for 2 years. And Sway sounded WAY off to me tonight. I could only pick 4 out of the top 6 males though because 4 of the others are all about tied for me. For tomorrow night’s “losers” I’m going to put my neck out and pick Bobby for one spot and the other spot will either be Kevin, Patrick or Bucky I’m thinking. Chris disagrees with me about Bucky though.

Girls, top 6 will be Katharine McPhee, Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett, Mandisa, Melissa McGhee if she sings like she did last night and the last spot will probably go to one of the two blonds (Kellie Pickler is ADORABLE lol)

Who are my picks for winning? Too damned hard to tell, way more than 1 deserving of it at this point anyway.

3. mama_tulip - February 23, 2006

I have one word for Bobby Bennett: BROADWAY.

4. Jenny - February 23, 2006

I missed last night, we went to see the movie Mrs. Henderson Presents (it was good). But I tried to call and vote for Paris on Monday night – I totally love her. But now I’ll have to watch out for this Ace fella.

Watching the Flavor of Love is fun – give yourself a break. It’s good trash tv.

5. Stacy - February 23, 2006

I’m with you Elizabeth, I didn’t like Taylor’s version of Lavone either. I would LOVE to hear him sing “Walking in Memphis” though. I thought that Chris was the best though.

6. Dawn - February 23, 2006

Flava Flav scares the shit out of me.

7. Beth - February 23, 2006

i watched every episode of “Strange Love” on VH1 with Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielson. there is something bizarrely addictive about VH1 reality TV.

8. Tigerlily - February 23, 2006

You don’t need help. You just needed some escapism — and that’s what you got. Good for you!

We all can’t always watch Biography, Sesame Street or Wild Kingdom. 😉

9. MrsFortune - February 23, 2006

Okay, can I just confess that I watched, mmm … about 10 episodes of Project Runway on my DAY OFF Monday? Okay, so …who’s the loser here? 🙂

Bobby was soooo awful, I’m glad he was put out of our misery. And I looooove Copacabana.

I have to say, I love Taylor (although I always want to call him Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who was some kid on Home Improvement). I liked the song he sang!

I just have to say I think ALL the girls suck except Paris.

10. jen - February 24, 2006

Ace IS fucking hottttttt. And I told Mike (as ace took the stage) as much. I would vote for him too. good choice!! But let’s face it, his song slection was 30%, his looks 30% and voice the balance, no? (best “all arounder”). Had he sung cocacobana he wouldve been sunk.

I love taylor (and agre Levon was “meh” at best–but I Like HIM) and I also like the Wanted Dead or Alive dude and the guy from Boston who doesn’t do warmups, just goes on and sings (he was wearing the t-shirt with teh headset on it).

Seriously tho, Ace….I finally have an AI crush. Only took 5 years.

11. Fraulein N - February 27, 2006

You have to be a special kind of famewhore to be on that Flavor Flav show. But I must say that I love Taylor so much and I can’t even put my finger on why, exactly.

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