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Six Thoughts For Thursday February 9, 2006

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Mimi Smartypants had a link to this in a recent post. It’s the kind of thing my kids will love, and remember, and sing over and over for days. Maybe I won’t show it to them after all.
Added: Geez, I sound like a grouch, don’t I? This link goes to a Flash File of an animated banana dancing to a rap song called “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time”. It’s cute! It’s catchy! It’s the new “Whoomp!There it is”. You’ll like it.

Jesus Christ Dynamite” is also amusing, although not for the easily offended, since it does use paintings of Jesus and put words in his mouth. So click at your own risk.
Added: It’s not that offensive, really. It’s just paintings with Jesus in them and lines from “Napoleon Dynamite”. No one has mentioned clicking on either link yet, maybe my sense of humor is more warped than I thought.

If I were ever on “The Price Is Right”, and had to do the “Hole in One” game, I would just tell Bob no thank you and leave the stage. Because there would be no way in hell I would make that putt, and it would be so humiliating. Give me a good pricing game any day. I can tell you whether $4.99 for a can of coffee is Now or Then ( um, that would be Now, Bob).

My husband sent me this link, which he got from Fark. Take a look at the “drawing”-doesn’t his nose look like the one that comes with Mr. Potato Head?

Judging from the comments on yesterday’s post, the reason so many women watch “Lost” is for Sawyer. You ladies love the bad boys, huh? I know he’s all broody and stubbley, but his hair always looks greasy to me. And it’s not just the cheap hatch-shampoo, even in last night’s flashback it looked stringy. Too much hair product or something.

Speaking of “Lost”, did you catch what Hurley said after he and Sayid got the radio working? Sayid said that radio waves bounce off the ionosphere, so the transmission could come from anywhere. And Hurley said, “or any TIME”. Now, “Lost” is not known for making off-the-cuff statements. Hurley wouldn’t have said that if it didn’t mean something. Isn’t one of the popular theories that the plane went through some kind of rip in the space/time continuum and they are in the future? Which is why no one is looking for them? Hmmmm…..



1. Nancy - February 9, 2006

I have to catch up on Lost — missed it last night.

Yeah, Sawyer’s hair isn’t my favorite. And I must admit I liked Jack at the beginning, but I think Sawyer grows on you. Once I saw his backstory I was hooked.

But actually I REALLY love Sayid…

2. mama_tulip - February 10, 2006

Yeah, Sawyer’s hair is brutal…but I can look past that. 😉

3. Fraulein N - February 10, 2006

Hmmm, Sawyer — wait, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Lost.

I’ve thought they went through some kind of space/time continuum since way back in season one, when Charlie asked, “Guys, where are we?” That’s when I knew I was hooked. I love a good mystery. (And maybe Josh Holloway, just a little bit.)

4. Becki - February 10, 2006

For some reason I think the woman Sawyer was with in the flashbacks last episode was playing him big time, conning the con man. In fact, I think I fell asleep before the end of the episode, so can anybody tell me how that played out?

And, for what it’s worth, Sawyer doesn’t do much for me.

5. Dawn - February 11, 2006

I am an “Eko” woman. Then Jack and maybe I would throw Locke a bone – cause I like the thinkers.

OK Peanut Butter Jelly Time comes from “The Proud Family” and, sadly, is available on the soundtrack. As I can Attest.

And I laughed so loud at the Jesus as Napoleon that Terrance just came in and shut the bedroom door.

My Fave? “Tina come and get the Ham”

6. Elizabeth - February 11, 2006

Finally! Someone clicked on my links. Thanks Dawn.

I had to Google “The Proud Family”. The boys don’t watch the Disney channel so I hadn’t seen it.

I know it’s wrong, but I crack up at Jesus asking the two thieves “You guys having a killer time?”

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