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The One With The Ear Infection February 3, 2006

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Dear Friendly Rite Aid Cashier,

Thank you for smiling at me as I placed my baby wipes refills and obligatory Cadbury Creme Egg in front of you. Thank you for saying “aren’t you the one who everybody in your house is sick except you and your baby?” Fortunately my other two sons aren’t sick either, but it was nice of you to remember me. Thank you for asking if everybody is feeling better. And thank you for looking appropriately shocked when I said no, unfortunately not everybody is better. Your surprised gasp when I told you that the reason for my visit to your fine drugstore was to purchase prescription antibiotic eardrops and Vicodin for my husband who not only has an ear infection but a BLISTER ON HIS EARDRUM was proof that you do, indeed care about your customers. Which is why I keep coming back.


The lady who comes in every other day



1. mama_tulip - February 3, 2006

Aw, I’m so sorry everyone’s so sick at your house. That bites the big one. But I’m glad you got the Friendly Rite Aid Cashier and not some scaggy bitch chewing on a wad of gum.

2. Nancy - February 3, 2006

Ow, the blister thing sounds incredibly painful. But I’m with Mama Tulip, at least you have a lovely cashier to interact with on your daily trips to Rite Aid.

3. Mother GooseMouse - February 4, 2006

Oy. Damn, I hope everyone feels better ASAP.

4. Belinda - February 4, 2006

How, how, HOW do you get, diagnose, or treat a freakin’ BLISTER ON YOUR EARDRUM??? Much sympathetic pain from here!

5. Tigerlily - February 4, 2006

Poor BC! :o(

Okay, I’m exhausted. Because it’s 12:24am PST, you ask? Noooo…because I’ve just read ALL of your archives and I’m exhausted from LAUGHING, CRYING, GASPING and the like. What a great experience! Thanks, Elizabeth.

Looking forward to your future posts.

6. Stacy - February 4, 2006

OMG!!! How the heck do you manage that one?? I hope he feels better soon.

7. Fraulein N - February 6, 2006

Hee, scaggy bitch. But seriously, hope your hubby’s feeling better soon.

8. Dawn - February 7, 2006

If she really loved you, she would set the shot of tequila right on the counter when you walked in…

9. Elizabeth - February 8, 2006

Dawn, you have NO IDEA how much I wish that would happen. Except that now that I am an old lady drinking just makes me sleepy. Stupid old age.

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