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Like a sketch on SNL when it was still funny. January 31, 2006

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Normally, I don’t give a crap about the lives of so-called celebrities like Lindsay Lohan. She was cute in the remake of Parent Trap, funny in Mean Girls, but I couldn’t care less about her personal life. However, I would really like to know exactly what the hell was going on to cause this to happen. Bryan Adams? According to IMDB he is FORTY SEVEN years old. Lindsay Lohan is TWENTY.

Now if you were a guy, like say, my husband, you might be thinking dude! Sweet! Getting himself some twenty-year old booty! But if you’re a Mom, or a person who cares about the welfare of young women, you’re thinking why did this man have Lindsay and her friends at his house at breakfast time, what was happening that she needed to take a shower, and come on! She was carrying a teacup that “smashed to the ground” and cut her so badly that she needed 10 stitches? Is that publicity-speak for “fell down while drunk off her ass and cut herself on a beer bottle”? Dude.



1. Nancy - February 1, 2006

Apparently Bryan Adams was (and is?) quite the stud muffin. But I’m with you, that story sounds a little bit sketchy. A teacup in the shower? Although if she had to invent a story, I’d think she’d come up with something that sounded a little more plausible.

2. mama_tulip - February 1, 2006

It does kinda make you scratch your head and go, hmmmm…but whatever floats their boats…

3. Dawn - February 1, 2006

First of all, those must be some DARN good drugs to convince her that Bryan Adams House is some kind of love palace. Bryan Adams? BRYAN ADAMS??? The man needs some serious dermabrasion.

She is young and although admittedly messed up, she could snag someone a HECK of alot more One night stand worthy than BRYAN ADAMS! Has he become the Hollywood equivilent of “Creepy Drink guy” – You know the one I am talking about. The one who follows you around all night…

4. Fraulein N - February 1, 2006

The mom’s story sounds all kinds of sketchy. For some reason, this quote

“She and her friends were preparing breakfast, with eggs and everything”

Cracks me up. “With eggs and EVERYTHING!” It just comes across as somebody trying to sound really earnest. And failing.

5. Belinda - February 1, 2006

Oh, dang, fraulein n beat me to it! That was my favorite, favorite part of the whole thing. “with eggs and everything.” What in the world???

Maybe it was this Bryan Adams. I’d hang out with him any day, for eggs and everything!

6. Beth - February 1, 2006

wow. eggs AND everything.

this sounds like all sorts of wrong to me.

Well, Lindsey *will* be 83 in the Summer of ’69.

2069, that is.

7. Elizabeth - February 1, 2006

Belinda-wow, the “other” Bryan Adams has a ginormous brain, doesn’t he? Ten years at MIT, Robotics, Synthetic Brains, Artificial Intelligence…I’d hang out with him and make him eggs!

8. Belinda - February 2, 2006

Yes. HUGE, ginormous brain. I find him way sexy. He builds freaking artificial intelligence. COME ON!!!

9. Stacy - February 4, 2006

The actual story is, She is filming a movie and the cast was using Adam’s house to stay at. He was aparently at one of his other houses at the time of this incident… but who really knows anyway!

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