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Please Pass The Thermometer January 27, 2006

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If I don’t come down with some kind of illness in the next week, it will be a freakin’ miracle. My Mother-In-Law, who is here recovering from a hysterectomy, is so badly constipated that she is in constant pain. And I hope she doesn’t mind that I just announced that to strangers.

My poor husband, who is almost never sick, has come down with some kind of flu that causes him chills, muscle aches, a heavy cough and a high temperature. He is at the doctor right now. he didn’t ask me to make the appointment until this morning which means they will “squeeze him in”. Translation: keep him waiting 45 minutes. I really hope he doesn’t have pneumonia.

Nathan came home from school early today, after going down to the office twice complaining of stomach cramps. The first time the secretary had him lay down for a little while, the second time she called me. I figured he probably needed to poop. No, he needed to come home, drink some hot chocolate(I figured a warm drink would soothe his tummy), lay down for a nap, and then get up and throw up. Mercifully, he made it to the toilet first.

I have been to Rite Aid every day for the last four days. Prescription refills for me and Ryan, Senokot and Dulcolax for my MIL, baby wipes for Kaitlyn, a thermometer for BC. They should reserve me a parking space.

The one benefit to daily trips to the store is the appearance of the best candy every created:

It used to be that retailers waited until it was much closer to Easter to start stocking this heavenly confection, but now the second Christmas is over it becomes Valentine’s Day display time. And since that means candycandycandy, Cadbury’s has apparently decided to start Creme Egg season earlier. Which is damn fine by me. Mmmmmm, Creme Eggs…drool…

Update: BC is back from the doctor. It’s just the flu, no strep throat or pneumonia. But he is considered contagious until he stops coughing and sneezing. So we have to follow him around the house with a can of Lysol. Fun, fun.



1. Nancy - January 27, 2006

“Just the flu.” You poor, dear woman. And poor rest of the family too. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

I LOVE me some Cadbury Creme Eggs. I am sad they are making their appearance just as I am getting ready to get back on my diet… oh well, one can’t hurt, right?

2. Elizabeth - January 27, 2006

Thanks, Nancy. I’m wondering how long it will be before no one in the family is sick in any way.

I don’t see any reason why a Creme Egg can’t be part of a “balanced diet”!

3. Dawn - January 27, 2006

I was wondering where you were..

Pooping, sneezing, coughing, puking. Egads woman! You deserve a boatload of Eggs for your pains.

I suppose this wasn’t what you meant by “torture”!?!?

4. Nixie Knox - January 28, 2006

I love those damn creme eggs. They are heavenly.

I hope everyone gets better soon and that you manage to avoid all the contagions in your house!

5. Beth - January 28, 2006

Oh dear. I feel for you – we all had stomach flu a few weeks back. And I realized when everyone else is sick, ain’t no time for mommy to be sick. Groan. I hope you all get better soon. Drink fluids!!!

Oh – and creme eggs? The best candy ever – I love to bite off the top and slurp out the insides.

OK – that might be a little gross.

6. mama_tulip - January 28, 2006

Oh, good grief, I’m so sorry. You know, it’s been a very long week for me too and for several other people I know. I think something’s in the air.

I really hope everyone who is sick in your household feels better soon and makes it to the toilet every time.

And your poor, poor MIL. Oh, how I sympathyse with her. I got terribly backed up at the beginning of both of my pregnancies but with Oliver, I ended up being carted to the hospital for, among other things, an enema. I’m not ashamed in the least to admit it was the best thing I ever could have done, given the situation I was in.

Hang in there!!

7. Elizabeth - January 28, 2006

Dawn, if this is the torture, then Kiefer Sutherland better show up SOON, preferably in a helicopter, and fly me the hell out of here!
‘Cause if one more person in this house gets sick I’m seriously going to lose my mind.

8. Fraulein N - January 30, 2006

Sorry about the fam. Hope you don’t get whatever’s going around.

Also, note to self: STOCK UP ON CADBURY’S CREME EGGS. Mmmmm…

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