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A sigh of Relief January 20, 2006

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You may remember my post about my Mother-in-Law, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She came to stay with us in order to have a hysterectomy at a major hospital and have a place to stay while she recovers.

She had the surgery today. I was surprised to find out that it was a four-hour procedure. In addition to the hysterectomy, she also had lymph nodes removed, but I believe they left in the ovaries. Not that it matters since she has already gone through menopause, but I think it meant something to her that they at least left her something in there.

Her blood loss was 500 ccs, the surgeon told my husband it’s not unusual for the patient to lose 1000 ccs, so that was good. She was adamant about not having a blood transfusion, as was I after my last c-section, so I understand how she felt. But the doctor convinced her to sign the permission form, promising to only give her blood if she absolutely needed it. I’m glad she didn’t.

The best news is that there was some concern about the cancer having spread. She had an MRI which showed nothing besides the cervical tumor, but the surgeon had said that sometimes they get in there and find tumors that they couldn’t otherwise see. But there were no other tumors.

I didn’t go to the hospital with her this morning, since she had to be there at 6:00am and it’s a school day, plus there was no way I was taking Kaitlyn to a hospital and risk her or I catching something. Also, BC has his mother’s Power of Attorney so he had to be there. If we don’t get the SIX TO NINE INCHES OF SNOW in the forecast for tonight, I should be able to go tomorrow. I want to make sure she understands the outcome of the surgery, what medication she’s getting, what the doctors and nurses are talking about. Because we all know that doctors tend to talk quickly and use big medical terms and don’t always explain very well.

The hard part is still ahead of her, the recovery won’t be easy. She has arthritis in her knees and hands and will need a lot of help getting around for a few weeks. I’m just so glad the surgery is over. And hopefully she is cancer-free for good.



1. Nancy - January 20, 2006

What a relief — I am glad all has gone well so far. Please give your mother-in-law my best wishes (though it might be complex to explain… ;-))

2. Beth - January 20, 2006

good news! phew! at least this first stage has been passed successfully! now for a healthy and speedy recovery! i’m thinking of you guys!

3. Belinda - January 21, 2006

Bless her heart. Healing prayers coming her way. And I totally understand about the transfusion. We’re a bit lucky in that my mother, my sister, and myself all share the same rare blood type, so when one of us is due to have surgery, the other two go and donate ahead of time just in case there is need for a transfusion. Us O-Negs gotta stick together!

Anyway, give her my love–yep, from a perfect stranger!

4. Mightymouse Mommy - January 21, 2006

Actually she only had one ovary to begin with and they did take the remaining one – they did a “full” hysterectomy, which means they take all female reproductive organs.

I just got done talking to her. They haven’t gotten the results back from the lymph nodes yet but according to her this morning her doctor is still concerned that the cancer originated somewhere else.

She has been up and walking around some today. She said they had taken her off the painmeds-by-button and put her on oral and IV pain relief. She said she *thinks* she’s on vicodin (stronnng stuff) but she sounded very very coherent. She’s still not on solid foods yet though and they took her off the oxygen because it was causing her nose to bleed.

Thought you’d like to know.

5. Fraulein N - January 21, 2006

I’m glad things are looking up for her. Hope she has a very speedy recovery

6. Dawn - January 23, 2006

It sounds like it went as well as could be hoped for overall! What good news!

7. mama_tulip - January 24, 2006

Sending speedy recovery vibes to your MIL.

8. Mary Tsao - January 26, 2006

I’m hoping for a speedy recovery and no more cancer.

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