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I’m Not Afraid of Friday the 13th January 13, 2006

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But I am somewhat superstitious about other things. For as long as I can remember, whenever I spill salt (which is pretty much every time I bake), I toss a pinch over my left shoulder. It’s supposed to keep the devil away or something. I have NO IDEA where I got that from, but I always do it.

I won’t walk under ladders, but that seems more like common sense than superstition. What if the person on the ladder is holding a can of paint and they drop it just as I walk underneath? I’m not even sure what bad thing is supposed to happen if you walk under a ladder.

I’m not afraid of black cats, or breaking a mirror. Seven years of bad luck? Like on the day of the eighth year you’ll suddenly stop having bad luck? Sounds fishy to me.

This isn’t a superstition, but I ALWAYS put my left shoe on first. Always. If I ask someone to hand me my shoes and they give me the right shoe, I wait until they give me the left one and then put it on first. I shudder to think of what would happen if I ever broke my left foot and could only wear a shoe on my right foot. (Knock on wood). I’m pretty sure there would be a rip in the very fabric of my universe.

I always say knock on wood and try to do it when I talk about something bad happening. Cripes, I’m more superstitious than I thought!

I hope today is uneventful for everybody. Try not to spill any salt, okay?



1. Beth - January 15, 2006

oh my god – i always throw salt over my shoulder when i spill it, too! i don’t even think about it – i just do it. even if someone is standing behind me!!

this is bizarre – but whenever I’m cooking anything in the oven – i have to open it like fifty times to make sure neither of my cats have jumped in while it was open.

oh – and if i’m cutting a picture to fit in a frame and i have to cut off any part of a person’s body – i save the body part trimmings and put them behind the picture in the frame. i can’t throw them out.

yikes. reading that over, i guess i’m really weird…

2. Dawn - January 16, 2006

Of course, if I cooked, I may have occasion to spill salt, but as I don’t, I can’t. Did you follow that?

I have never forgotten the sleep deprivation. Ever.

3. Belinda - January 21, 2006

Totally 100% NOT superstitious. Alex is, though, about sports and things. Friday the 13th, and the number 13, has always been a portent of good things to come in my family. My parents were married on the 13th, my mom was born on the 13th, and most recently, we closed on our new house on Friday the 13th!!

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