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I am SO paying attention, really. January 10, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

So it’s De-Lurking week, huh? See how on top of the latest news I am? See how I’m ending sentences with prepositions? I’ll have to try harder to check in with the Internets on Monday mornings. As opposed to spending Monday like I did yesterday, having woke up with the baby at the UNGODLY hour of 4:30 am. And then spent the next 3 hours doing the bottle-diaper change-swaddle-rock-rock-rock dance.

After driving BC and the boys to their respective places of employment/higher learning, I came home, changed a poopy diaper, did another round of bottle-diaper change-swaddle-rock-rock-rock, and then got a whole HOUR of sleep on the couch. Kind of forgot to work surfing the ‘Net into that routine.

I did find time today to read and comment on two new blogs, fraulein n’s and this one written by Holly Burns, who I found through a comment she left on Nancy’s site. If you haven’t been to any of these sites, please go! All of these ladies have really interesting things to say.

And please, please leave me a comment if you stop by. I don’t even subscribe to Site Meter because I’m afraid of the crushing blow to my self esteem if I knew how few people read me. I wish I had more stories to tell, like Holly’s “A Kind of Blue” post about a conversation with an Apple employee. I swear my life is JUST THAT DULL. My kids are great, but I must be completely missing the wacky things they’re doing that would make great posts. But PLEASE! Stop by here and leave comments anyway, and I promise to start looking harder for interesting things to write about.

Maybe I should start keeping a notebook handy to write stuff down as it happens. Is that what other bloggers do?

I really have no idea why I am feeling so down on myself. It’s not like I never get any comments. And I’ve managed to keep this going for almost 6 months now, which is way longer than I originally thought it would last. I figured I would write a few posts and then begin the self-doubting inner harassment which would lead to my “forgetting” to post. You know, like how I always manage to “forget” to follow the Weight Watchers plan I paid money for or take the daily multivitamin I promised myself I would take every day.

It’s time to start the BDCSRRR dance again. Happy De-Lurking Week, really.



1. NixieKnox - January 10, 2006

Elizabeth you rock! I love to read your posts because I can totally relate! I don’t envy you the constant bottle feeding, poopy diaper, sleepless night thing, but I am totally envious of that lovely little baby girl that you get to cradle and hold. Sigh. I gotta convince someone nearby to have a baby so I can get a fix!

2. Nancy - January 10, 2006

I’m with Nixie. You Rock! You write about real stuff — it’s a pleasure to read about the life of another mom. I think we all feel like we have nothing interesting to say when we write — but it’s amazing how sometimes even the most seemingly mundane post topic can bring out the reactions from people.

I promise to keep coming and keep commenting. I hope you can get more sleep this week. It can be hard to blog when your mental facilities are impacted by sleep deprivation. Don’t sweat it, your loyal readers are here whenever you update and no matter what you say.

3. Fraulein N - January 10, 2006

Happy De-Lurking Week! Thanks for linking to me. I’m definitely reading, so I hope you keep posting.

4. Beth - January 10, 2006

i always read you! but you probably knew that! i love your posts and i love the pics of the kids – esp. the boys being so sweet with Kaitlyn!

i know about the esteem stuff – i just put a site stat thing on my blog and now i’m obsessed with it. i think i’m going to take it off.

5. Lanna - January 10, 2006

I mostly lurk. I just don’t have amusing anecdotes or snappy/witty comebacks to stories and such, but I keep reading. πŸ™‚

6. Mother GooseMouse - January 11, 2006

Elizabeth, you know I’m here. And I’m laughing about your latest dance moves.

And I agree – I love Holly too. Must check out fraulein now!

7. TB - January 11, 2006

Hi Elizabeth! I’m not a lurker but I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your writing about motherhood and your family.

8. jenB - January 12, 2006

i don’t think it is OFFICIALLY delurking week is it? was a bill passed?



9. Jess - January 12, 2006

I’m still reading. Not really a lurker, but I’m don’t comment much on anyone’s blog. I suck like that. But I love you ’cause you’re a fellow whedonverse junkie.

So, (regarding a recent comment you left at my site) are you a bangel or a spuffy ‘shipper?

10. Gerah - January 12, 2006

The thought of missing sleep with a new baby is scaring me! I’m so excited, but man, babies are so much work.

11. Mabel - January 12, 2006

Stupid question. What the heck is delurking week?

12. halloweenlover - January 13, 2006

Of course you are a fabulous blogger! And just the fact that you have kept blogging with your THIRD BABY while I have trouble finding time to blog with me two dogs, I am thoroughly and utterly impressed.

Happy Delurking week!

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