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Update on Us January 3, 2006

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Hello and thanks for being patient with my lack of posts. An email I got from a blog friend reminded me that while I may think my life is uninteresting, others may be interested in what we’ve been up to here at Casa de Five. So here’s what’s been happening…

Kaitlyn is growing like the proverbial weed. It seems literally overnight she went from 0-3 month size clothes to the 3-6 month ones. Fortunately, I received many outfits of varying sizes and seasons so the transition has been easy. And it’s a good thing we have so many clothes for her because almost every day she throws up an entire bottle. There’s no distress involved, no coughing or gagging, she just opens her mouth and out it pours. We hope she outgrows it soon.

Speaking of Kaitlyn, I still have to spell her name for people, and explain how I came by the spelling. My mother’s middle name = Kay. Both my sister and sister-in-law have the middle name Lynn. I thought about KayLynn, but I liked the way Kaitlyn sounded, and I just changed the letters from the traditional “Caitlin”. From the comments I received from several people, I was sure she would be the only person on the planet with that name spelling, until I saw this:
http://www.babycenter.com/general/babynaming/pregnancy/1459677.html See # 4?
And then we found a little personalized Christmas stocking at Toys R Us and a personalized Christmas ornament at the grocery store, both with her name on them. So that’s that.

The boys went back to school today, and the house was WAY too quiet. Neither of them had any news to report when they got home, so it must have been business as usual in the First and Third Grades. BC also went back to work today, his company’s clients are mostly off work the last week in December so he only had to work one day last week. It was great having him home.

I meant to post about Christmas, and maybe I still will, but suffice it to say that we had a nice visit with my Dad on Christmas Eve, and then travelled to see family on Christmas Day. The boys increased both their dinosaur and Lego collections by quite a lot, I got a new video game and the “Serenity” DVD, and BC treated us to a new HP color printer with photo printer and scanner. It is VERY COOL.

Oh, and Kaitlyn learned to stick her tongue out, if you can get her to look right at you and you stick your tongue out, she’ll copy you. We’re so proud.



1. Nancy - January 4, 2006

Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow? Hey, let me know if you need any bigger girl stuff — we’ve got a bunch.

As usual your girl is quite the photogenic charmer. 🙂

2. Beth - January 5, 2006

she is such a beauty!! gosh – pretty soon, she’ll be walking and talking!!

3. Elizabeth - January 5, 2006

Beth- Hush now! Let me enjoy her lack of mobility and inability to talk back to me while I can!

4. Stacy - January 6, 2006

I’m so glad it wasn’t just me that she threw up on LOL!

She’s making funny faces just like her Daddy now 🙂

5. jen - January 13, 2006

LOVE this pic of her. too funny (and cute!)–>

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