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Does anyone have a suggestion? December 30, 2005

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Poor Kaitlyn has had a rough couple of days. First, we think she might be teething. She keeps rubbing her tongue over her bottom gums, which was cute at first. You know, “look, Kaitlyn is sticking her tongue out at me!”, which became less cute when accompanied by crying, pushing the bottle out of her mouth, and sleeping only 10 minutes at a time. Can I give infant Tylenol to a 6 week old baby?

Second, her face is all broken out. Not her whole body, just her face. She’s been doing a lot of spitting up, and we’ve been using Johnson’s Head to Toe Baby Wash in her bath. I’m thinking that is probably the culprit. So can anybody recommend a) something to clear up the little pimply bumps and b) something else to wash her hair and face with? Specifically, does anyone like any particular brands of soap and body lotion that don’t irritate baby skin? The air here is very dry so the Dr. said keep her skin moisturized, that could also be causing breakouts.

Also, how about a caption for this picture? He’s playing Lego Star Wars.



1. Nancy - December 30, 2005

How frustrating. I hope she’s able to get more comfortable.

I would go ahead and call the doctor. I don’t think she’d be teething this soon — possibly there’s something irritating her mouth, or she could have something else going on. I can’t remember if they can have tylenol that soon.

I know it’s common for the babies to get the milia (little acne-like bumps) around 6 weeks of age, and they say the best thing is just to let it clear up on its own and keep clean with water and mild soap. Sounds like you are doing just that. Again, you could check with the doctor to rule out some sort of allergy.

I know I’m not much help advice-wise, but I’m thinking of you!

p.s. — did Kaitlyn enjoy the video game?

2. Elizabeth - December 30, 2005

You know, I think she did! At least I hope so since the boys have been playing them constantly all vacation. I know, I should be offering them fun, educational games and crafts instead but…

3. Beth - December 30, 2005

the only thing we could use on Ellie was Mustela. drugstore.com has it. it is outrageously expensive. 😦 i have terrible skin and i use Aveeno and Eucerin. i think the bumps are normal — milia, like Nancy said — and will go away as she gets older.

now the gum problem, hmm. does it look inflamed? i know that they had me give Ellie and Davey Infant Motrin after their shots when they were babies — but I think that was at 3 months. so it is possible. and Motrin is less likely to do damage if you accidentally overdose. when in doubt, give the Dr. a call, I think – hopefully they can handle it right over the phone.

4. Mightymouse Mommy - December 30, 2005

Sissy I would have to concure, it’s more than likely the infantile acne. Especially since you’re washing her from head to toe and she’s breaking out (at least mainly) on her face. That’s how we knew it was NOT infantile acne with Parker but an allergy to milk, because it was ALL over and accompanied by congestion, itchy, watery eyes, etc. Not to mention I suffer from a mild milk allergy.

Essentially it’s just Kaitybug’s way (yeah I know you told me not to call her that but omg she’s as cute as a bug!) of getting rid of the hormones that aren’t hers but her mommy’s instead. πŸ™‚ It’s nothing to worry about.

As for her mouth, it’s REALLY uncommon, happens almost never, for babies to be cutting teeth so early. Is she still spitting up like she did last weekend or has that calmed down? Might be she has GURD like her brother and her cousin did. Just a thought.

5. Jenny - December 30, 2005

Ella was sensitive to everything – still is. We ended up just using water and water only. Rashes were treated with Lansinoh lanolin (breast creme), that stuff works wonders. We still use it for chapped cheeks and sore booties. I buy it at Target.

see http://www.lansinoh.com/

Happy New Year!

6. Jenny - December 30, 2005
7. Dawn - December 30, 2005

My other thought was thrush, which could be super common in a baby her age. It is, essentially, a yeast infection of the mouth. That may be why sucking is uncomfortable and makes her fussy. If you were nursing, your breasts might be showing the signs ( and I speak from Experience, I’ll tell you about my big Violet Gentian stained Mams one day)
You would see milky looking patches in her mouth – on teh roof and sides. It is easily treatable and often spreads to a diaper yeast infection ( via the poop chute ironically) .

And her skin? She is a newborn. In winter. I would suggest Cetaphil and plain water. That will clean her without any drying. Plus a bottle of Cetaphil will last fo-eveh. It can also be great for cleaning little bums why they get rashy.

Sorry for the immense paragraph. Can you tell that I used to dispense free advice like this to the Mom’s at child care?

8. Lanna - December 30, 2005

When ds spit up a lot as a newborn his face would get rashy if we mopped him up with the same cloth more than a handful of times – once we mopped him up with a clean cloth each time it went away.

But if you’re still looking for an awesome but gentle soap, I *love* the soaps from http://www.sumptuoussoaps.com (there’s a pure/gentle/dye-free one there along with the yummy ones) and that’s all our household uses now. πŸ™‚

9. Belinda - January 3, 2006

e me your address, I will send her some pure castile soap. There is nothing gentler for cleansing, and I superfatted this batch at 10%, so it’s especially mild. Just a pure olive oil soap, no detergents.

10. Isabel - January 6, 2006

Oh my gosh..that pic is super duper cute.

11. Rob - February 5, 2006

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