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Happiness is Blog Friends December 23, 2005

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As much as I would like to take the time to write each of you a warm, personal email thanking you for your very nice comments on my last post, I just don’t get that much time to sit down at the computer. She might take two hour naps, but it’s funny how fast that time goes.

So, to Nancy, Dawn, Nixie, Belinda, Beth, Becki, Mabel and Fraulein N*, thank you so much for your very nice comments about what great big brothers my boys are, and how cute Kaitlyn is. Believe me, I’m counting my blessings every day.

And I definitely don’t write enough about how wonderful my husband is. Last night, for example, I went to bed at 8:00 and didn’t wake up until 4:00am, which means he took care of the boys and the baby for 8 hours, while letting me sleep undisturbed. For eight hours.

Finally, here’s wishing you all a very Happy Holiday, whatever that means for you and your family. Hope you have good times and get good presents!

*I also have had nice comments from Julie, Jenny, Mary, Jess and Boston Jen-thanks to you guys too!

Merry Christmas from me, BC and the kids:



1. Nancy - December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas to you too. It’s so easy to say nice things about you all because it’s obvious what a loving family you have (not to mention kids that are easy on the eyes!!) Enjoy every minute of your holiday!

2. Belinda - December 23, 2005

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Much love from Arkansas!

3. Mary Tsao - December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas from California! Hope you’re having a relaxing holiday — sounds like you are! Okay, my little guy is only one year old and I’ve already forgotten how *tiny* newborns are. Your Kaitlyn is so precious!

P.S. Glad to hear you got some sleep!

4. Datingmaster, Jerusalem - December 26, 2005

Hi Happy holidays
what about your sex life?
how many times per monthare you doing it with the kids in the middle.
is sex life over after babies?

5. Dawn - December 26, 2005


Ok I picked myself up off the floor.

Sigh. An ELizabeth, no apologies needed. I am amazed that we have heard anything with a new baby right before Christmas!

And Yes, please tell you Hub that HE ROCKS!

6. Mother GooseMouse - December 26, 2005

Elizabeth, please know that I’ve been thinking of you and your family. I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas. And please tell BC that the eight hours of sleep was the most amazing gift ever – what a great husband.

7. Elizabeth - December 28, 2005

OK, I just now had a few minutes to sit down and check for blog comments, and like Dawn, I almost fell off the couch at datingmaster’s comment. Is he hoping to get some cheap thrill from my answer? And his profile says he’s 41, and he is “modern orthodox”, doesn’t he have a wife and kids? Don’t they tell you to wait 6 weeks ( or until you finish bleeding) in Israel? Sheesh!

8. Nixie Knox - December 28, 2005

Right back at ya’, sister! I hope you are having a fabulous holiday! I am soaking up the warmth here in California in the hopes that it will keep me from freezing my a** off the rest of the winter in Michigan!

9. Mightymouse Mommy - December 30, 2005

Tell my brother that he could make some extra bucks giving lessons to daddies on how to care for mommies after a baby is born! Glad you got some sleep sissy.

Give the boys and Kaitlyn a hug and kiss from their Auntie.

Oh, and we forgot to bring up that throw blanket and the diaper jeanie. Do you want us to bring it up on the 20th?

10. policies - January 13, 2007

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