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Feeling Very Old. December 15, 2005

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I saw my Doctor yesterday for a follow-up and to get the results of the blood tests I had at the end of November. And now I could be one of those people in those drug commercials who ask their doctor if Drug X is right for them.

My blood pressure was 180/100. I know, Holy Crap. Apparently, actually having the baby and losing 27 pounds in 3 weeks was not the answer to the high blood pressure problem.

Just for my own personal pleasure, let me repeat part of that sentence. TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS IN THREE WEEKS. Sorry, that just feels really, really good to say, even if I lost most of the weight on the Catch-a-highly-contagious-virus plan.

Anyway, the treatment plan for the high blood pressure is that I am taking Toprol XL. If you watch enough TV you may catch the commercial for it, where the concerned Doctor tells his patients why it’s important to take it every day. And that side effects include dizziness and drowsiness, which is why I’m taking it at night in case it makes me fall asleep. Like I’m not doing that anyway.
I also have an extremely low hemoglobin level. Hemoglobin transports oxygen through your blood. A normal level is twelve, mine is eight. The Doctor actually said to me, ” If I had a hemoglobin level of eight, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.” Well, I wish I could stay in bed too, but there’s this tiny person at my house who wants to be fed every two and a half hours, and she gets pretty mad if you don’t respond.
So for the low hemoglobin, I am taking FOUR 150 mg Iron capsules a day. I hate taking medicine as it is, with the Iron I have to remember to take it either one hour before or two hours after meals. And I can look forward to the fun side effect of constipation! Yeah!
That’s what I’ve been up to this week, plus the kids have had activities at school and we spent Tuesday night calling every department store in town trying to replace Nathan’s snowboots. He took them off after school Tuesday and the liner things came out in shreds. Did you know that most department stores think that snow boot buying season is OVER by mid-December?
I have some pictures to show, one is Kaitlyn sleeping in the bassinet that I got from my parents when Ryan was born, then Nathan slept in it, and now her.

BC took this picture to show just how tiny Kaitlyn’s head is. I think it’s cute.

Oh, and HEY! Thanks everybody who suggested I try Coke Zero! It is pretty tasty. My Doctor did confirm that hormone changes can affect your taste buds, who knew? And I’m really supposed to be drinking tons of water because of the extra Iron, but it’s nice to have a pop once in a while. Or a soda, if I’m travelling outside of Michigan 🙂



1. Nancy - December 15, 2005

Ugh, high blood pressure and low hemoglobin — does the doctor think it’s a side effect of the pregnancy and birth?

27 pounds in three weeks. Holy cow, woman. That is amazing. Sorry it had to be such a painful way to lose it.

And — Elizabeth? That Kaitlyn? She is just SO cute. I still haven’t sent out that little thing for her but one of these days I’ll get it done!

2. Mother GooseMouse - December 15, 2005

She is so TEENY! And absolutely adorable too.

I’m with you on the weight loss. It was frightening how quickly the first 30 pounds came off. I’m still fighting with the rest.

I hope that the BP issues straighten out without too many side effects – same goes for the low hemoglobin. It hasn’t been that long since you had K – it may just take more time for your bod to get back to normal. Here’s hoping anyway.

3. Beth - December 16, 2005

i know it’s sick — but i still look at flu-like illness as a great way to shed extra pounds. i have issues.

i’m sorry to hear about the BP. and taking meds sucks – esp. iron. it does make you constipated. i had some good luck with Colace as a stool softener. it doesn’t sneak up on you, if you know what i mean…:) i had to live near a toilet when i was taking Dulcolax.

and Kaitlyn is so precious. she looks like a perfect little doll!

4. Mary Tsao - December 16, 2005

Love the pictures of Kaitlyn. She is such a beautiful baby!

Sorry about your health woes. Hope everything clears up and life (with three kids!) can continue on as normal… (Whatever that is!)

5. NixieKnox - December 17, 2005

That is a bummer about the blood pressure! I was anemic after both kids and had to take iron supplements. It pretty much sucked. But on the bright side, that baby girl is so darn gorgeous! I mean it, really, she is perfect!

6. Belinda - December 17, 2005

You must do the thing that I meant to, forgot, and now deeply regret not doing when Bella was that size–and that is, take artsy-fartsy, preferably black/white, photos of baby’s tiny precious head being cradled in Daddy’s big, strong hand. Seriously.

7. jenB - December 27, 2005

its pop and don’t let anyone tell you different. we prefer diet pepsi, but have been very impressed with the coke zero! just take an iron pill with it. 🙂

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