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Breaking Up is Hard to Do December 10, 2005

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It’s been 3 weeks now since I gave birth to the prettiest baby in all the land,

and for the most part I have recovered completely. I can eat whatever I want without dire consequences, and bathroom functions have returned to normal. I do have a problem with lower back pain, no doubt a result of my completely useless stomach “muscles”. There is, however, one problem I’m having that I can’t find any logical reason for.

Diet Coke doesn’t taste good anymore.

You need to understand that I have been exclusively drinking Diet Coke since the 80s. My diabetic Mom only bought diet soft drinks, and when Diet Coke came out she stopped buying Tab. It became my drink of choice. Oh sure, once in a while at a restaurant I would order Diet Coke and get served Diet PEPSI instead, which I begrudgingly drank while grumbling under my breath that waitresses should TELL you if they don’t have the drink you ask for.

In college, I would order rum and Diet Coke at the bar. But what really solidified my love affair with this elixir of life was when our local chain of convenience stores started offering 32 ounce refillable mugs, which cost ONE PENNY an ounce plus tax. So for 34 cents I could get enough delicious pop to last an afternoon, or a shift at work. One summer BC and I sublet an apartment near the MSU campus, right across the street from the convenience store. I don’t remember how many times a day we would run over there to fill up our mugs.

I’m telling you all this so you’ll understand my confusion, my hurt feelings, my despair over what has become the sad fact I call “Diet Coke doesn’t love me any more.” The last one I drank was Nov. 17, the night before I had the baby. Then I got the virus, and didn’t drink anything but a few sips of water for a week. When I left the hospital, BC said “would you like to stop and get a Diet Coke?” Why yes, yes I would! We stop at the same convenience store mentioned above, and out he comes with a delicious cup of fountain pop. I take a sip, and something is…wrong. It doesn’t taste right, I say. Maybe it’s just because I’m still sick. 4 days later, at the grocery store, I buy a 12 pack of cans. Come home, quick-chill one in the freezer, pour it in a glass. It tastes…wrong. My friends, that damn stomach virus apparently ripped the very taste buds out of my mouth that were reserved for Diet Coke drinking pleasure.

I googled “stomach virus” and “changes in taste buds”. Nothing. I asked the student nurses who came to interview me for their Patient Care class. Nothing. I have NO IDEA if I will ever enjoy drinking Diet Coke again. It’s like losing a friend I tell ya. If anybody has ANY experience with this, or has any thoughts on the subject, please feel free to share. Because I don’t know what else to do. I want my friend Diet Coke back.

Here’s a picture of my Dad with Kaitlyn, and one with me



1. Nancy - December 10, 2005

Gosh, Elizabeth, could Kaitlyn be any cuter? She really is the prettiest baby in all the land.

Is it possible you have something else going on that’s causing your taste to be messed up? The reason I ask is that I have a sinus infection now which has been totally messing with my taste buds. I suppose it could also be a hormonal side-effect of the pregnancy/birth — for example, I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth until after Baby-A was born.

I hope you and Diet Coke have a nice reconciliation soon.

2. Nixie Knox - December 11, 2005

Kaitlyn is just so beautiful and perfect and sweet! You must just kiss that delightful little nose all day long!

I am the love slave of Diet Coke’s sugary older brother, regular Coke. And I gave it up when I was pregnant. That was really amazingly hard – headaches like you wouldn’t believe. I have no medical explanation for why Diet Coke doesn’t taste good anymore, but I feel your pain and hope that whatever it is that is stopping the offending taste buds from working will be over soon and you will be drinking Diet Coke again in the near future. Whew, that was one long, rambling sentence!

3. JenfromBoston - December 11, 2005

this may have been the saddest thing I’ve heard all week! NO MAS to the DC? Have you tried the Coke Zero? I think it tastes pretty good (does not taste diet-y, which if this is your new aversion, might help. plus still no calories).

You’re little girl is gorgeous. Got a little blondie, eh?

4. Jess - December 11, 2005

I agree with Jen–Coke Zero is a whole lot of yum. I also agree with Nancy that it could be a hormonal thing.

And every time you post a pic of your new babe I think she looks like a little cherry–all sweet and pink. That looks, actually, a little weird when I type it.

Ahem. Coke Zero. V. good.

5. Dawn - December 12, 2005

Have you tried all the diet coke variations? With Lime?

Do they all taste funny? If yes, I would say the sinus thing may be a good contender. Plus your body is dumping hormones like crazy right now, so it may be affecting your hippocampus ( which controls pleasure among other things) It may be that the hormones are interfering with your hippocampus and Amygdala.

6. Beth - December 12, 2005

i had a reverse thing happen to me. i am a dunkin donuts coffee freak and as soon as i got pregnant with Ellie – the coffee literally tasted like dirt in my mouth. it made me both sick and sad. but as soon as she popped out — well, by the time we left the hospital — i was dying for one and it tasted great. i agree with Dawn – i think this is a hormonal thing.

and I third the motion that Coke Zero is pretty darn good.

7. Jenny - December 12, 2005

After having Ella I discovered I LOVED some foods that I couldn’t stand the smell of before. This is a real thing that has happened to you.

It’s a shame that in 2005 Doctors don’t know enough about women’s reproductive happenings that this isn’t explained. My guess is – because we don’t have testicles that it become not important.

After all it’s just some lady that can’t stand her diet Coke anymore, it’s not like a man has lost his taste for great bourbon.

(WOW – what a rant huh?! perhaps I’m feeling a little burdened today)

8. Jenny - December 12, 2005

BTW Ella saw the above picture and said ‘Babys pitty! nice baby.’

9. Stacy - December 14, 2005

I didn’t used to drink very many diet drinks before I got pregnant, but my doctor told me that if I want 10 fingers and 10 toes, I shouldn’t have any aspertame (sp?) at all. So I stopped all together.

I know how you feel though because my drink of choice is Moutain Dew, and I had to stop that too because of the caffiene.

I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to me… 🙂

10. Belinda - December 14, 2005

1. That little girl is the MOST.

2. You are better off without the D.C. Consider it a gift. It’s not good for you, and you didn’t even have to pay for hypnotherapy!

11. Lanna - December 16, 2005

I think Diet Coke finally took the aspartame out of it and put in something else like Splenda – that could account for the taste change a bit. I would have the occasional Diet Coke throughout the last few years, and last time I tried one (at least a month or two ago) it tasted off. A few days later dh learned they changed sweeteners.

12. Mary Tsao - December 16, 2005

Okay, I cannot look at pictures of cute babies like this any more! It makes me want another. AHHHH!!! Turn off the cuteness!!

13. fizbobunny - August 14, 2006

OMG!! Your story terrifies me. I have a long time relationship with Coca Cola Classic. I have a coke keychain, coke license plate, coke everything. About a week ago I got what I thought was a stomach virus (i now know i am pg) and ever since then coke has tasted funny to me. I can’t drink the stuff at all. I was googling looking for others with my experience in the hope that I would find out after pg I would have my old friend back. I can’t imagine a life without coke!!

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