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A Love Letter from My Son November 17, 2005

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Nathan brought this home from school the other day. I remembered it after reading a post at Jenny’s site about letters her kids wrote her.

Imagine a sheet of paper with a picture of a house, a Mommy (who is not pregnant oddly enough) with two teeth and curly brown hair ( mine is blonde and straight) and a little boy with three sharp pointy teeth. Underneath are these words:

I love mi Mom ( I love my Mom )
Vare muth ( Very much)
and I lov hr ( and I love her)
vare muce (Very much)

My heart was a goopy puddle after reading that.



1. Mother GooseMouse - November 17, 2005

I am so looking forward to letters like that. If my kids still love me when they can write.

2. Nancy - November 17, 2005

soooo sweet!

3. Nixie Knox - November 17, 2005

D is pre the whole writing thing, but he draws me love pictures nearly every day and they are so sweet!

4. Becki - November 18, 2005

You must save that forever. Certainly you will want to pull it out when he’s a teenager to remind you of how sweet he once was.

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