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Week 37-The News Is Not Good November 15, 2005

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Well, today I had my regular 37 week checkup. After last Thursday’s surprisingly low blood pressure, I guess I got a little too cocky, figured I could cheat a little on the couch-rest and actually do a few things around here. That was a bad idea right there.

Once again, I asked a friend to drive me to the appt., walked in veeerrryy slowly, and had a few minutes to rest in the waiting room. Despite all of that, after stepping off the scale (lost another pound) I headed into the bathroom to pee only to suddenly get hot and sweaty and see floating yellow-and-black specks swimming in front of my eyes. Fortunately the nurse was still standing right there, she helped me into the nearest exam room. She immediately took my blood pressure, which was 180/100. I know, holy CRAP. So she had me lay down, and practically ran for the doctor. When she got back, it had only gone down to 178/94.

Dr. Bell listened to the heartbeat, an excellent 144. I went and peed, uneventful this time. He did a cervix check-still closed, which is what you want for a c-section. My urine was clear of any proteins, so no signs of preeclampsia. Just really really high blood pressure.

So I am now on complete and absolute bed-rest. I can only get up to pee. I go back on Thursday, and if the blood pressure is still high, he may decide to deliver the baby Friday.
I will be 37 wks 3 days on Friday, which he assures me is a perfectly safe point at which to deliver. It would be far more dangerous for me to stay pregnant than for her to be born.

So! I just have to lay here for two more days, trying to keep my blood pressure down. I have complete faith in this Doctor, and Chris and the boys will take excellent care of me. My Dad is even coming over tomorrow to make me lunch so I don’t have to get up. I probably won’t post again until Thursday, although I’m sure I’ll be visiting everyone else’s blogs since there’s not much else to do all day. Thanks again for your positive comments and support. It really helps.



1. Beth - November 15, 2005

please rest!!

and relax as much as you can! preferably with your feet up, a good book and all of your favorite foods…

not much longer now….:)

2. JenfromBoston - November 15, 2005

Like Beth said, not much longer now. You must be excited though! I say latest you should go is day after Thanksgiving. Not that I have anything invested in that day or anything.

3. Mabel - November 15, 2005

(((hugs))) take care of yourself…

4. Mother GooseMouse - November 15, 2005

Oh my. I’m glad you are OK, and I really do hope you will stick to the bedrest. I can only imagine how boring it must be.

5. Nancy - November 16, 2005

Ugh, sorry to hear you’re going to be confined to bed even more — but just think, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel! Glad to hear baby’s doing well.

I’ll keep you in my thoughts, let me know if there’s anything you need that I can do from here! Take care of yourself. But not with the ice cream. 😉

6. Jess - November 16, 2005

You poor kid. That baby is gonna have some ‘splainin to do when she gets here!

Rest up and good luck!

7. TB - November 16, 2005

Hang in there! At least you have the internet to keep you company!

8. Dawn - November 16, 2005

I’m glad you were at the office when that happened, and they could do a good once over.

Just remember this when she is 13 and screams “I hate you, Yu Suk!”

9. Nixie Knox - November 16, 2005

I am thinking about you and hoping that you have good books to read while you are in bed or at the very least good television!

10. Stacy - November 16, 2005

And what were you saying about the baby not being born before the movie? lol

Anyway rest up, please!

11. Ella - November 17, 2005

Hope all goes well if he decides to deliver tomorrow. I’ll be checking in to find out!

12. Becki - November 18, 2005

Would now be a good time for me to bring you that mocha? Decaf, I presume.

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