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Finally, Some Good News November 11, 2005

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Yesterday I had my follow-up blood pressure check at the OBs. I asked my Dad to drive me to the appointment, since I suspect that driving there, parking and walking in might be enough to drive my BP up. On our way down the hall to the office I looked at him, 71 years old, walking with a cane, and said “I hope they don’t think you’re my husband!”. He thought that was funny.

So the nurse takes me first to be weighed, ugggh, and to my surprise I actually weigh 3 pounds LESS than I did on Monday! Note to self: do not eat Taco Bell the night before an appointment.

First comes the strapping on of the LARGE blood pressure cuff. It is so embarassing every time I go and the nurse has to go borrow the LARGE cuff from someone, like my arms are just so HUGE. Then comes the request to lay down on my left side. I’m already precariously balanced on this high, narrow table, and they want me to maneuver myself around and down. Whee!

Blood pressure reading is 134/74. TWENTY POINTS lower than Monday! I would have done a happy dance around the room but it takes too long to get up off the table. So NO 24-hour monitoring, no pre-eclampsia, MUCH less scared than Monday.

I do , however, need to continue the bed-rest just to be safe. Which is fine. My husband has learned how much of a pain it is to cook dinner every night, while I lay on the couch and shout directions at him. “You have to keep stirring the onions or they’ll burn!” “Is something burning?” “Um, honey?” You get the picture.

But then my Dad casually informs me that my Grandma, who hosts her side of the family at her house every Thanksgiving, has cancelled her dinner and wants to come here to eat with us. And, you know, “help”. Those of you who have ever had family over for dinner know that you can’t just lay on the couch while your elderly Dad and even more elderly Grandma try to find the serving spoons and salt shaker and make gravy. AHHH! I may just lock myself in the bedroom and not come out until dinner’s on the table. They can watch football and entertain themselves.



1. Becki - November 11, 2005

SO glad to hear about your blood pressure!

Hey, I just had an idea! (Be excited for me, it doesn’t happen often.) Why not go into labor three days before Thanksgiving? That way you’ll be home by the holiday, but no one will dare come to “help” with dinner in a house where there’s a newly post-partum mom and newborn baby!

It’s so sweet of them to offer, but I agree: it’s impossible to lie still when family members are rattling around, lost, in your kitchen.

2. Jenny - November 11, 2005

Courage woman. It’ll make for good blogging. Think of it as your most dangerous blogging assignment this month (oh yeah, besides having a baby).

3. Elizabeth - November 11, 2005

Becki, my husband suggested the exact same thing. That hospital Thanksgiving dinner with the processed turkey roll is sounding better and better!

Jenny-The good thing about the bed-rest is that I have nothing better to do than sit (or rather lay) in front of the computer, makes it much easier to blog.

4. TB - November 11, 2005

Good new about the BP. You could just make things really easy on yourself and order a catered meal from someplace like Honeybaked Ham.

5. Elizabeth - November 11, 2005

Tammie- My Dad is bringing one of those fully cooked turkey dinners from the grocery store, it comes with mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and pie. But the turkey has to heat in the oven for 10 minutes per pound, plus we’ll want some kind of green vegetable to go with all those carbs. Plus setting the table, getting out the good china and crystal, blah blah blah. There’s just no easy way out.

6. Mother GooseMouse - November 11, 2005

What a relief!

Two words for Thanksgiving dinner: PAPER PLATES.

7. Nancy - November 11, 2005

Great news for you!!!

I’m glad you’re getting the precooked Thanksgiving — that’s what I was going to suggest. And I’m with Julie on the paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware and cups.

8. Elizabeth - November 11, 2005

Hmm…paper plates. It’s not like there’s a law that says you can’t use them, right? Anybody who thinks they’re coming to the Martha Stewart Thanksgiving has a serious reality check in store anyway. Great suggestion, thanks!

9. Belinda - November 12, 2005

Uh, TOTALLY been there with you on this, right down to the LARGE BP cuff! So humiliating when they have to go get the “big girl” equipment. Although, the cardiologist told me last week that they come even bigger, so I felt a little better. A little.

I am sure to win the birth pool now, if you don’t go early. The T’Day stress is sure to induce labor.

10. JenfromBoston - November 13, 2005

Belinda, you’re wrong. It’s gonna the day AFTER T-day. the hoo-ha area needs to be RELAXED. I think I read that in the important , highly regarded journal of medicine: stuff I made up.

11. Elizabeth - November 13, 2005

Jen- your concern for the state of my, um, hoo-ha is touching, really.
I don’t care if it’s made up as long as it’s right!

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