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It Probably Read “Yu Suk” November 9, 2005

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Our community publishes a small, once-a-week newspaper. The Public Safety section reports how many calls the Sheriff’s department had that week, and then goes into more detail about specific crimes for each day of that week. Here’s what happened Oct. 23, 2005:

“Deputies were dispatched to the 4600 block of Grandwood for a report of malicious destruction of property. The homeowner discovered spray painted writing on his garage door. The suspect was not identified, but is a poor speller.”
It is a sad state of affairs when kids can’t even spell their insults correctly.


1. TB - November 9, 2005

Great, I’m sure “poor speller” really narrows it down. I could be the suspect :o)

2. Beth - November 9, 2005

sort of like the “i love you, sweatheart” that was painted on a RR overpass in my town when i was a kid.

i mean, seriously, if you are going to take spray paint to metal – shouldn’t you write a rough draft?

3. Nancy - November 9, 2005

I think it’s hysterical that it said the suspect is a poor speller in the crime description. If ya can’t catch the guy, at least you can embarrass him. 🙂

4. Elizabeth - November 9, 2005

Beth- “Sweatheart”? ewwww!

Nancy- that’s exactly why I thought it was so funny!

5. Becki - November 9, 2005

Maybe “sweatheart” was intentional. Maybe it’s like, I don’t know, a Sweathog’s girlfriend. (Please don’t tell me nobody remembers Welcome Back, Kotter!)

I was a two-time county spelling bee champ, so I actually take poor spelling very seriously. I think it’s a hoot that they embarrassed the guy in the paper…but he probably doesn’t know how to read it.

6. Dawn - November 9, 2005

The Sheriff bursts into the schools in town and collects a variety of writing samples to compare with the garage door writing.

Students are asked to spell “FUK OF”, “BEETCH” “COKSUKER” and “TERD” and a small multiple choice test is administered.

7. Gerah - November 10, 2005

Heh heh. Sounds like our local paper, which I just finished reading and every time I read it I regret paying a subscription for with my hard-earned money…

Good luck on your soon-to-be birth. I’ll keep an eye on your blog. Exciting stuff.

By the way: Where I shop? Nowhere in particular. I’m really not much of a shopper, but I do love cute clothes for myself and my child. I’ll splurge a bit, but randomly. The cute outfits you inquired about? I’m thinking those were purchased on an Old Navy splurge.

8. Beth - November 10, 2005

my favorite is “hoar” for “whore”!

Becki – Ha! ha! Up your nose with a rubber hose, Sweatheart!! 🙂

9. JenfromBoston - November 11, 2005

was watching the MTV that airs actual videos and saw some rap dude with the word “Konvict” on his shirt. I wonder if the yutes of America think that’s how it’s spelled.

10. Elizabeth - November 11, 2005

There’s an MTV that shows ACTUAL VIDEOS? Or was it just parts 25-99 of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” piece of crap?

Amalah has a post about why she hates Bare Escentuals makeup just because it’s spelled wrong.

11. JenfromBoston - November 11, 2005

yeah, MTV2 (in Boston the cable channel is in the 200s). No commercials, just vids.

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