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Week 36 Update November 7, 2005

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

Well. I thought I would go in to the OB today, complain about how uncomfortable I am and get a pat on the head and a “hang in there dear”. Instead I got my anxiety level bumped up a notch.

My blood pressure, although not as high as two weeks ago, was high at 158/78. I also gained 4 pounds in that two weeks. Although my urine was negative for protein, a sign of preeclampsia, I have to go back on Thursday to have my BP checked again. Then she started talking about possibly having to check me in to Labor & Delivery for a 24-hour urine check and I think I sort of blanked out for a minute. Wait a minute, what? A what?

For those of you familiar with preeclampsia, I do NOT have any other warning signs. No swelling, no headaches or blurry vision. I have been to several websites that say that high blood pressure alone does not automatically mean I’ll get it. I am trying very hard not to freak out here.

My uterus is measuring slightly large for 36 weeks, and the OB predicts the baby weighs around 6 pounds at this point. Which means if I do make it to Nov. 28 (week 39), she could easily get to 8 pounds.

Anybody want to change their guess in the due-date pool? It’s just for fun anyway.



1. Nancy - November 7, 2005

Oh…. take it easy! Lots of rest! Hang in there!

2. Stacy - November 7, 2005

*pats Elizabeth on the head*

Hang in there dear… LOL

3. Belinda - November 7, 2005

I had the samesamesame thing. 24-hr. urine collection in L&D, no pre-eclampsia, everything was fine. Just “labile hypertension” in those last couple weeks.

I’m not changin’ nuttin’. 😉

4. Becki - November 7, 2005

I haven’t read the other guesses, but my money’s on November 17, 8:38 a.m., 8 lbs. 6 oz.

Hope that BP starts behaving for you. Remember I’m only an hour away if you need anything, like, say, a virtual stranger to bring you dinner or watch your kids.

5. Dawn - November 8, 2005

I stick with my orginal 11/21 and 6 pds 12 oz.
I know you’re sick of taking it easy….so don’t. Or at least I won’t tell you do take it easy.

6. jenB - November 10, 2005

the 158 is high, but the 78 is more important. and no protein in your urine is goooooood. can’t they give you those protein pee sticks for home? i have some i could give, and i could also lend you my BP monitor. the less hospital the better i say. you poor dear. writing me nice things from your bed!!! YOU ARE A SAINT!


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