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Week 35 Update November 3, 2005

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

1) EVERYONE keeps telling me I’ll never make it to November 28.

2) My stomach is so big and hard that my husband looks genuinely alarmed every time he looks at it.

3) Last night I had a dream that I had to go to the hospital for pain medication. When I woke up (at 4:30 a.m., had to pee of course), I had rolled partially onto my stomach and the baby was kicking me, like she was drumming her heels against the mattress.

I would think that pretty much every woman who has ever carried a baby to term thinks that they won’t make it to their due date. Or wishes they didn’t have to! I haven’t lost the mucous plug, and thank goodness because ewww. I’m not having Braxton Hicks contractions, or feeling any kind of cramps or an unusual amount of pressure. So I don’t see any signs so far that I won’t make it to Nov. 28.

Do not fear the belly! The belly cannot hurt you! Notice how curved my back is? Yeah, I’m standing up straight. Before the couch-rest, people in restaurants looked SCARED when I walked to the table. Like the thing from Alien was about to pop out of me or something.

Want a really good laugh today? If you haven’t already been to Dawn’s site, go there and read her It’s no “Tommy” post. I promise you’ll laugh your ass off!



1. Gerah - November 3, 2005

Wow. You do indeed look quite pregnant. I think I was bigger than that, though. I was HUGE. Went a week overdue and I was sure I’d never make it to my due date.

The human body can withstand some amazing things…

Thanks for the email, btw. Nice to meet a fellow Michigan mama blogger.

2. Beth - November 3, 2005

oh Elizabeth!! sit down immediately and PUT YOUR FEET UP! πŸ™‚

3. Elizabeth - November 3, 2005

Beth-I promise I was only off the couch long enough to use the bathroom and take the picture!

4. Dawn - November 3, 2005

I do not fear the belly, but I would like to give the belly nice presents so that it does not hurt me.

And thanks for the shoutout – I keep re-reading them and laughing. I now sing new songs to myself on my commute home. It is very cathartic!

5. JenfromBoston - November 3, 2005

Umm you may not fear it, but I do.
Yes, get off your feet pronto!! Is there some kind of pool we bloggers can take part in for due date??? yeah, I’ll take some action on that. No F’n way you’re making it to 40 wks.
Seriously? I dont even know you and I want to give you a back rub. Your poor back.

6. Mother GooseMouse - November 3, 2005

Elizabeth, I don’t normally say this to PG women because I know how irritating it is, but holy crap girl, how in the world are you still mobile?

And it’s not because YOU are big. That is one gigantic PG tummy. All baby.

I see no reason why you won’t make it though. Size has nothing to do with it. I was as big as a house with Tacy, walked my fat ass all over Manhattan trying to coax her out when she was already a week late, and no dice. They go when they are good and ready to go!

7. Jenny - November 4, 2005

You look positively bountiful! Like a goddess… or a cornacopia. πŸ˜‰

8. Belinda - November 4, 2005

Wow. THAT is impressive! You are some kinda woman, my dear! Please do keep us posted, and if you’d care to email me with a snail-mail address, I’d be most obliged!

9. Nancy - November 4, 2005

You look fabulous. Just a bit uncomfortable. πŸ™‚

10. Nixie - November 4, 2005

I think you look awesome! A mommy’s belly is a wonder!

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