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Halloween and Baby Shower Pictures November 2, 2005

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The little lion is my nephew Parker, being held by my sister-in-law’s fiance. Parker is a big, snuggly 11 month old. I love his big eyes and pinchable cheeks!

I didn’t take any close-up pictures of the boys in their costumes, I have only the stupid bed-rest to blame for that. Here’s a shot of everybody after getting back from trick-or-treating at the mall. Notice Parker has lost most of his costume. Nathan is Darth Vader of course, Ryan is a vampire.

L-R: SIL’s Fiance, BC, Ryan, Parker, Jamison (SIL’s oldest son), Alisa my lovely SIL, Nathan.

The other pictures I have to show are from the baby shower given for me last night. My best friend Trisha and the Women’s Group at church got together and really outdid themselves. There was a giant balloon centerpiece shaped like a huge pacifier, cake and ice cream, games, and of course presents! Lots of adorable baby clothes, a NoJo padded Baby Sling from Trisha and our friend Shelly, stuff for the bath, and even a bag of sparkling lemonade, Dove Cookies and scented lotions for me to pamper myself with (thanks Darlene!) Also a handmade blanket and a tiny knitted bonnet. I was blown away by the generosity of these amazing ladies.

L-R: Trisha, Rishona, Yvonne, Marsha, Cindy, Amada, Darlene. Not pictured-Jessica, who was late because she was finishing the hand-knitted baby bonnet.

We played match the name to the baby picture.
And a homemade, baby-themed version of Taboo that Yvonne came up with.

It was a wonderful evening and I am so thankful to these ladies for making me feel so special.



1. Nixie Knox - November 2, 2005

It is nice to have friends that look out for you and pamper you! I am sure you do the same things for them! Halloween looks like it was a lot of fun for the kiddies – bummer you were couch bound!

2. Mary Tsao - November 2, 2005

I’m so glad you had a baby shower. It’s a nice way for women (men, too, if they’re invited) to celebrate pregnancy and motherhood. Too often it becomes too much about the *stuff* and that’s too bad. It sounds like yours was intimate and special; that’s great.

Sorry to hear you’re couch bound, but not much longer now, right? (OK, it’s eons to you because you’re the pregnant one. Sorry!)

3. jenB - November 3, 2005

cute cute cute wittle lion!

4. Beth - November 3, 2005

the kids are so cute! and what a nice shower — so personal. and it seemed like fun!

not much longer! 🙂

5. Mabel - November 3, 2005

Sounds like a great shower!!!!

And I lurrrvvveee that little costume.–>

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