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The Truth Hurts Pt. 2 October 28, 2005

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As expected, Harriet Miers was Jon Stewart’s top story last night. But he kept himself in check, sticking to making fun of the news networks use of the word “stunning” to describe the announcement. How can you be ‘stunned’ by something that everyone saw coming weeks ago?

The best moment of the show for me was a clip of Senator Trent Lott, who when asked whom he thought the President would nominate next, said something like this:

“He should find the best man, woman, or minority for the job.” To which Stewart replied that Lott was obviously making progress as there was a time when Lott would have never considered a minority in the same category as a man or a woman.

Now we await the announcement of the next nominee, who is pretty much guaranteed to be not only qualified for the job, but a right-wing idealogue to boot.

This concludes our Table For Five political discussion. Back to regularly scheduled blogging.



1. Nancy - October 28, 2005

I think Laura’s gonna kick his ass if it’s not another woman.

2. Elizabeth - October 28, 2005

You know, I am disappointed in Laura Bush. I grew up with Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan and Hilary Clinton. These were not quiet women! Now we’ve got Laura, who almost never says anything about anything. Why didn’t she speak up about Harriet Miers?

3. Dawn - October 28, 2005

Go check out the Onion. Apparently Bush plans to nominate the next person who walks through his office door….

4. Mabel - October 28, 2005

I can’t believe I missed Jon 😦

5. Nixie Knox - October 28, 2005

I agree, Elizabeth, Laura appears to be pretty mild-mannered. I would be calling my man out on the carpet for being such a royal ass.

6. Elizabeth - October 28, 2005

Dawn-yes, and Homeland Security is planning random searches of trick or treat bags!

Mabel-I don’t know how long it takes, but comedycentral.com posts clips from each show, it’s not as good as the real thing but you can hear the really funny parts!

7. Belinda - October 28, 2005

I HOWLED at that Trent Lott quote, and the one prior to that, about the “CIE investinations”.

What a bunch of goobers. Running our lives.

8. Mary Tsao - October 28, 2005

Regardless of Mier’s (lack of) qualifications, I’m saddened that she withdrew. We need more women in the upper echelons of politics. I say, “give the women a chance to f**k things up.”

And who knows, maybe they won’t. But they at least deserve a shot at trying.

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