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Kaitlyn’s Nursery Pictures October 28, 2005

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The reason I have not posted any nursery pictures is that I am a damn perfectionist, and because the room does not look like one of those “Us Weekly” Kelly-Ripa’s-exclusive-nursery photo spreads, I have been putting it off. After all the hours BC put into the refinishing, I wanted to have breathtaking photos that would elicit gasps of envy. But I don’t. Also, we still haven’t got the crib back from our friends, whose baby is still using it, but the deal was that they would transition him out of it, and besides Kaitlyn will sleep in our bed for a few months anyway. O-KAY! So here is what I’ve got so far.

The room originally had beigish-tan walls and dark brown carpet. Under the carpet? Beautiful, original hardwood floors soaked with dog pee. That’s right, we signed the papers and bought the house, funky smell and all, not realizing that the previous owners’ dog had been using our future nursery as a toilet.

We debated over re-carpeting versus painting the floor versus installing laminate. Laminate won. But first BC rented a floor sander and removed as much of the finish as he could, then primed and painted the walls so that any drips would be covered up by the laminate. Ryan and Nathan helped with the priming.

Next came two coats of “Ballerina Gown” pink wall paint, and a wallpaper border hand-picked by BC. There was paint leftover so they even painted the inside of the closet.

Nathan helped install the flooring. The lighting is bad here.

Here’s the view looking at the closet, you can see the flooring and the border. I saw one of those celebrity-mom-nursery photo spreads where they had taken the doors off the closet and I thought it was a good idea, especially since this is a small room already.

That’s all I have so far. Once we get the crib back it will go on the opposite wall from the closet, the changing table is to the right in the picture. We still need a rug to go in the middle of the room but so far we haven’t seen anything we like that we can afford. If anybody has any suggestions about cute rugs please post a link!

Oh yeah, it’s still missing one thing- the BABY!



1. Belinda - October 28, 2005

No rug. I’m serious. We went through the same deal with Bella’s room, and seriously–no rug. Everyone will be happier, trust me. No rug. Did I mention I vote for no rug?

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the closet sans doors. What a good idea. This is a Southern-Living nursery in the making!

Love seeing the sweet boys helping.

2. Mother GooseMouse - October 28, 2005

Elizabeth, it’s beautiful. I do know how hard it is to make-over a room, and I think you guys have done a fabulous job. Kaitlyn will love it (once she gains control of her sense and limbs and so forth…).

3. Nancy - October 29, 2005

Love it, it’s beautiful. What a difference refinishing the floor makes! You’ve inspired me to look into pulling up carpet and refinishing our bedroom floors. It just looks so wonderful. Kaitlyn is one lucky little girl!

4. Elizabeth - October 29, 2005

Thanks for such nice comments ladies! It’s hard to take good pictures in such a small room but I’ll post more as we go.

5. Beth - October 29, 2005

this is beautiful! how relaxing. i wish it was my room! you guys did a great job.

6. Mary Tsao - October 29, 2005

I love before and afters! You did a great job. Love the floor and the paint and the fact that you removed the closet doors. I think that’s a great idea to give the room more space and a more spacious feel.

I am pro rug. Pottery Barn Kids has the most beautiful rugs (IMO), but they’ll set you back a bundle. Check out their online sales — sometimes you can find one that way. Or do an eBay search for Pottery Barn Kids.

7. JenfromBoston - October 30, 2005

The doors off the closet was a cool idea to grab. Love the room.

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