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Week 34 October 26, 2005

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Just back from my week 34 Dr. visit. You don’t want to know what the scale said. Let’s just say I have reached the weight that shall not be named and leave it at that.

My blood pressure was high at 170/76. After a few minutes laying (lying?) on my side it went down to 136/60. The NP’s instructions are to spend “as much time as possible” laying down on my left side. Not just sitting, but actually laying down. I’m so lucky to not be working, and to not have another child to care for during the day. I don’t know what I would do.

Every day is a rollercoaster of emotions around here. Poor BC is feeling the stress of working all day and then coming home to unfinished laundry and an empty refrigerator. I sent him to the grocery store at 7:15 this morning to get bread and apples to make lunches for the boys. And now I have to tell him that my NP says I HAVE to do LESS around here. It doesn’t help that every little thing feels like such a big deal to me and there is bursting into tears at the slightest disagreement.

Don’t tell, but I am going to get up and go to Starbuck’s and get a Mocha Frappuccino. I promise to come straight home and lie down, mmkay?

Added: I know I said Starbucks but I went to Panera instead because their “I C Mocha” is almost as good plus there’s the Cinnamon Crunch bagel with the Hazelnut cream cheese. And I got to hear a sandwich guy call someone’s name for their order and when they didn’t answer he said “Bueller? Bueller?” which totally cracked me up.

My darling husband was very understanding about the whole laying down thing, he said he will “stop pouting like a 4 year old” and talk to the boys about dividing up the housework. And find me a milk crate to put my laptop on so I can continue to blog from a prone position. Heh.



1. Beth - October 26, 2005

oh God, i hate those last few weeks of pregnancy! i had to spend “as much time as possible” laying down on my left side when i was ending my pregnancy with Davey. needless to say, this news was received with much scoffing on my part. i found it so uncomfortable!! i hope you are relaxing and enjoying your Frappucino!

2. Jenny - October 26, 2005

I gained 80 lbs with Ella who only weighed in at 8lbs when she was born. Hope that makes you feel better.

3. Nancy - October 26, 2005

mmmm…. coffee and a bagel…

Your husband sounds like a keeper. Hope all is smooth sailing for you, enjoy the peace and “forced” downtime!

4. JenfromBoston - October 26, 2005

Good luck with the resting. Do you boys tell you they “don’t do windows”?

5. Elizabeth - October 26, 2005

Beth-thanks, I’m trying to relax and the Mocha was yummy!

Jenny-*only* 8 lbs? That’s a good size baby! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment đŸ™‚

Nancy-it’s been 20 years so I guess I’m keeping him. It helps that he’s wicked hot!

Jen-are you trying to confuse me? Don’t you usually sign your comments as oncemore? And thanks to Windex Wipes my boys “do” windows!

6. Dawn - October 26, 2005

What a sweetie you have!

And now I want a coffee drink!

7. Mary Tsao - October 26, 2005

Nice hubby! Oh, and my weight that shall not be named was 200 pounds. After that, I stopped looking.

8. Belinda - October 27, 2005

I had the EXACT same thing with late pregnancy BP. YOU STAY AWAY FROM THAT COFFEE, WOWAN! ARE YOU CRAZY????

Love the “Buehler” thing. Too funny.

9. Nixie Knox - October 27, 2005

I wish someone would tell me to lay prone on my side. Sigh. It sounds like heaven. That being said, if I WAS told to lay prone on my side I would be squirrly after about one minute. Sooo I would be drinking a mocha frappucino too.

10. Becki - October 27, 2005

I’m only an hour from East Lansing. I could pop my small critter in the car, grab a couple of mochas and be there in a jif. You wouldn’t even have to get up.

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