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Today’s Act of Stupidity October 24, 2005

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

I almost dropped a TV on my head today. Well, it wasn’t so much dropping as causing the TV to slide off the stand and make contact with my head.

If you’d be so kind as to scroll down to my entry from Friday, Oct. 14, you’ll see me standing in front of the living room TV. See the cabinet it sits on? That’s where we keep extra DVDS and ancient videos we’ll probably never watch. I opened the cabinet to look for my “Firefly” Box set, and decided I needed to sit down on the floor. Because just bending down is kinda hard when your belly is the size of a large watermelon.

I opened the cabinet door, and began lowering myself to the floor. See where this is going? The sheer force of my weight combined with the fact that TVs are heavier in the front caused the whole thing to begin sliding forward. I narrowly missed being beaned with the clock, the speaker slid over my head, and it ended with me on the floor with the TV resting on my shoulder and head. My first thought? “You dumbass, that was really stupid. You could have been hurt!”

The “Firefly” Box set was not in the cabinet.



1. Nancy - October 24, 2005

Oh man, I am glad you’re OK! Be careful!!

2. Mabel - October 25, 2005

Just glad you’re okay! And of course Firefly wasn’t in that cabinet, things are never where you look for them!


3. jess - October 25, 2005

all that and no sexy Mal to make you feel better? he’s a naughty captain.

4. Elizabeth - October 25, 2005

I did find the Box set, it was in the DVD tower thingy next to the TV. But of course I didn’t look there first, because that would have been logical.

And I’ve been watching the episodes in order and it was “War Stories”, which is not sexy at all with the torture and the bleeding and whatnot. So I didn’t even have sexy Mal to make it better.

5. Mother GooseMouse - October 26, 2005

Elizabeth! Holy crap, girl.

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