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More Pictures October 22, 2005

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Since Belinda asked so nicely, here’s some more of my favorite pictures of the boys. I’m pulling them from our digital camera archives, unfortunately when Nathan was two months old the camera broke so there is a gap of almost 8 months. I have pictures taken with a film camera but no scanner. Anyway, here’s what I’ve found so far.

This was my birth announcement for Nathan. I got the idea from a magazine, probably Parenting or Parents. We color-copied the picture onto photo paper and mailed it in regular business-size envelopes. This was before most people in my family had email, it seems so archaic to do it that way now!

There are probably way too many pictures of me smooching my babies, this is Nathan again.

Ryan’s first Thanksgiving, he is 7 weeks old. I don’t remember what happened but he started laughing, fortunately someone on the other side of the table had a camera handy.

Somehow Ryan got the pacifier clip wrapped around his leg, but he was determined to get it in his mouth anyway.

Nathan looks so teeny in the double stroller. I couldn’t use it for very long because Ryan got too big for the front opening.

What’s amazing about this one is the absence of red-eye, you can actually see his blue eyes.

And finally, the three guys I love most in the world. I am luckier than I can ever put in words.



1. Mother GooseMouse - October 22, 2005

Great pictures! Always fun to see oldies but goodies.

2. Nixie Knox - October 22, 2005

What sweet pictures! Kids are so darn cute!

3. Nancy - October 22, 2005

Awesome pictures! I love the onesie birth announcement idea.

4. Elizabeth - October 22, 2005

Thanks ladies! I got lots of compliments on the onesie birth announcement-I wish I could give proper credit to the person who sent the idea in to the magazine in the first place.

5. Belinda - October 23, 2005

Bravo! First of all, feeling jealousy that you had children who would actually acquiesce to BEING in a stroller for more than 5 minutes. Not the fruit of MY loins, Sister.

Also, beautiful boys. Good gravy.

Also, a certain Kaitlyn is going to be SOOOO lucky to have wonderful big brothers. Amazing.

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