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Kaitlyn Week 32 October 11, 2005

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Today was my 32 week checkup. No weight gain, yay! My blood pressure was okay, and Kaitlyn’s heartrate was perfect at 150. I saw yet another Doctor, one of the four who rotate on call. Last week they asked me to choose who I wanted to do the c-section and I picked Dr. B. because he seems nice ( and young, and cute, sigh), but I hadn’t met today’s Dr. yet. I wish they would let you meet all of them first. So I’m all set with the c-section and the tubal ligation.

I am however keeping my fingers crossed that the nurses’ strike set to start tomorrow will be resolved by my due date. I doubt it will take seven weeks to settle but you never know. I know the hospital will hire replacements and I’ll be well taken care of, I just have issues with crossing picket lines and not supporting striking workers. My father worked for years as a labor negotiator and mediator for a large teachers’ union here in Michigan, and I was raised pro-union.

Things that made me go “awwww”

Earlier this summer I went outside in search of the source of a loud chirping sound and discovered we have a chipmunk living in a tiny hole in the foundation of our garage. He/she likes to stand right in front of our downspout (which looks like a giant burned cigarette, doesn’t it?) and make this really loud noise. I wondered if it was calling for a mate, and today my suspicions were confirmed. There are two chipmunks living in the tiny hole.

It just made me so happy to know that all that chirping the chipmunk was doing wasn’t for nothing. And baby chipmunks! I doubt we’d ever see them, but still…awwww!



1. Nixie Knox - October 11, 2005

So close! I hope the nurses don’t go on strike either! I have a problem crossing picket lines, as well, being a teacher myself and a member of the union. Also, my mom is a nurse and they, like teachers, need every tool at their disposal, like striking, to make sure they get a fair shake.

And chipmunks are so darn cute!

2. styro - October 12, 2005

Great name for the baby, but you’re spelling it all wrong! It’s spelled: Caitlin! 🙂 hee hee. I was named it back in the 70’s (after Dylan Thomas’s wife) before any of the creative spellings got popular, so I’m a total purist snob. 🙂 Please ignore me completely!

Almost ready though! Congrats! I was also raised pro-union. My dad was also a labor negotiator and started the first-ever teachers union at the college where he worked. crazy! Hopefully the negotiations will go smoothly—I’m pretty sure having a baby doesn’t mean you’re crossing picket lines—it’s not like you can put it off! 🙂

3. Elizabeth - October 12, 2005

Nixie- my Dad worked for the NEA and then the MEA and then finally for MESSA. He would get a call on a Friday that some district was threatening to walk out and off he would go to cities I’d never heard of to do contract negotiations. It kept him away from home a lot but I was always proud of him.

Styro-Believe me we have gone back and forth about how to spell Kaitlyn’s name. We are combining my mom’s middle name, Kay, with my sister and SIL’s middle name Lynn.
But you’re right, I do see it spelled Caitlin, and Katelyn too.

4. Nancy - October 12, 2005

Beautiful name (Kaitlyn — however you spell it!) You’re in the homestretch now. I sure hope if they strike it’ll be all over soon.

I love chipmunks! They are so cute!

5. Belinda - October 14, 2005

Oh, gosh–who do we call to tell them to GIVE THE NURSES WHATEVER THEY WANT, ALREADY? It’s not like we have enough of them, nationwide, so it seems like kind of a “duh” situation to me. But it’s not where I live, so I don’t know all the facts, so forgive me if I’m being an ignoramus in this case (or always)!

6. Belinda - October 14, 2005

Oh, and the Chipper is TOO cute. I would trade in my dread raccoons ANY day for those instead. And yes, your downspout DOES look like a giant cigarette! You could probably sell it in an art gallery.

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