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Assvice from the AAP October 10, 2005

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“To minimize the risk of crib death, the nation’s largest organization of pediatricians is recommending that babies be put to sleep with pacifiers and in their own beds, despite intense opposition from advocates of breast-feeding and the “family bed.”
The American Academy of Pediatrics, hoping to settle some of the most hotly debated and emotional issues related to the care of newborns, is for the first time endorsing routine pacifier use and explicitly advocating a ban on babies sleeping with their parents. In both cases, evidence suggests the precautions would cut the risk of suffocation, the group said.”

I can NOT believe this. How many first-time mothers are going to read this story in the Washington Post and think that this must be what’s best for them and their baby? My oldest son slept in a bassinet next to our bed, and our youngest son slept in the bed right next to me. It is absolutely a personal decision to be made based on what feels right for you. I didn’t breastfeed Ryan, but I did with Nathan, and being able to just roll on my side and pull him to my breast helped me get so much more sleep at night.

Both of my boys used pacifiers, and BC gave Nathan bottles occasionally , and there was no “nipple confusion” for him at all. Not every baby accepts a pacifier though, which is why I can’t understand “endorsing routine pacifier use”. I have this image in my head of first-time parents stuffing a pacifier in the baby’s mouth, stressing out about it, because the American Academy of Pediatrics says it minimizes the risk of SIDS.

I’m also wondering if the nurses at the hospital are going to give me a hard time about having Kaitlyn sleep with me. Do they have to follow AAP guidelines? I’m thinking as long as they explain the risks to me and I say I understand them, there’s not much else they can do.

Sometime last night, while I cuddled up to my body pillow, in between trips to the bathroom, the Hormone Fairy seems to have visited me and left a second helping of pregnancy hormones. Because I have been extra-emotional all day. I got angry at Nathan for wanting to wear his winter coat to school (“is it so wrong that I think fall coats are for fall and winter coats are for winter?” what the hell?) and then weepy when my husband got frustrated with the arguing and just walked out to the car without saying anything to me. And then on “A Baby Story” when the new mom kissed her baby for the first time I got all choked up. I’m not saying that I’m always Mrs. calm and rational, but it doesn’t take much to get me going. I really wish we had a second car so that I could go get some Starbucks or something! Maybe just a nap instead…



1. Belinda - October 10, 2005

HOGSWALLOP. You’ve seen my kid. She didn’t like pacifiers, and she slept in an Arm’s Reach co-sleeper when tiny, and in my bed, between me and the wall, until…well, now. She’s 3, and she’s just starting to develop an interest in her own bed. The AAP’s just covering their own behinds. We didn’t have any “nipple confusion”, either, and I pumped and used bottles occasionally. Bella just self-weaned a few months ago. I love the way we’ve lived, she and I.

2. Mother GooseMouse - October 10, 2005

Oy. Forget that pacifier crap – follow the baby’s lead. Neither of my girls wanted one, and one is an avid thumbsucker and the other could take it or leave it. It’s a very individual thing.

The hospital will likely give you shit about falling asleep in the bed with the baby. But you’ll be there – what? Two days? No worries. If she sleeps better with you – so be it. If she sleeps better in her crib – that’s cool too.

I’m all about going with the baby’s flow. At least in the first several weeks. Otherwise you will make yourself crazy (as you know, having had two kids already!).

3. Elizabeth - October 11, 2005

I talked to a Dr. at my appt. today and asked her what she thought the nurses at the hospital would say about it. She said they should let me make the decision for myself, so I’m done worrying about it.

4. Nixie Knox - October 11, 2005

Okay, both my kids loved their pacifier, D still does, but I can’t see promoting it as a means to avoid SIDS. And what a lot of hooey about co-sleeping. Hello? What about the hundreds of other cultures where this is the norm? And both my kids slept in our bed. And still come into our room to sleep practically every night. So they can kiss my ass.

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