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It’s Not A Belly Button Anymore October 8, 2005

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

First, look at me with the making of the Links! You have to understand I overcame some major fear of HTML and asked my computer-god husband WAY too many questions in order to do what turned out to be not so hard after all.

We discussed belly buttons at the dinner table tonight. Everyone in the family has now noticed that what I have poking out from my stomach no longer resembles a belly “button”. Honest to God it looks like a tail or something. You know that scene in “Shallow Hal” where Jason Alexander’s character shows Hal his tail, and it’s like a little stump? That’s what my belly button looks like. It hangs DOWN for heaven’s sakes! Okay, enough about that because ewwww.

From Belinda, who got it from Sweetney, comes this interesting bit of Google fun. Open the Google search engine, type in “Myname needs” including the quotation marks, and see what comes up. This is a sampling of mine:
CBS News story on Patty Hearst-Elizabeth needs protection
Elizabeth needs both counseling and an attorney
Story on Hurricane Katrina- Elizabeth needs a NUK

Couples Compatability Site analysis of Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant-
Elizabeth needs to be loved, pursued and reassured
Elizabeth needs an arena for excellence

“Dark Age of Camelot” Online Community –
Elizabeth needs the essences of some of the creatures that roam the lands

A blog called “The Warren”- Elizabeth needs to get on with her life

I was going to keep searching, but that last one made it pretty obvious that I was just wasting my time!



1. Belinda - October 8, 2005

That is so funny. And you’re right about putting in the links. I need to update mine badly, but it’s such a pain. I’m trying to figure out how to import my Bloglines feed to my site, since that’s what I’m using now to read my “every day” blogs.

2. Elizabeth - October 8, 2005

I know there are sites like Bloglines and Blogrolling that will update links for you, but I just went to the blogspot template and replaced the HTML myself. Of course I had to do it twice after I forgot to save the changes the first time.

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