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We. Lost. October 1, 2005

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

MSU. Lost. The. Football. Game. Against. UofM. In Overtime, no less. It was SO CLOSE! Nixie, if you’re reading this, you weren’t kidding when you said Michigan was “pulling out all the stops”. We had an UNBEATEN RECORD for heaven’s sakes! We beat NOTRE DAME!

I hope the East Lansing Police Department has reinforcements ready because it is going to be UGLY downtown tonight. This is the kind of thing that causes riots, the burning of mattresses and other large objects in campus apartment parking lots, and dozens of arrests that may actually appear on CNN. Yes folks, we Spartans are terrible losers.

My throat hurts from screaming at the TV for the last 3 1/2 hours, so I’m laying down now. Tonight the boys are going to my friend Trisha’s house so BC and I can see “Serenity”. I’m so excited about this movie I will probably make a huge nuisance of myself at the theater. But since it’s probably the last movie I’ll see for a very long time (unless I drag my giant, swollen self to “Harry Potter”), I plan on enjoying myself. Plus, free babysitting! It almost makes up for the fact that WE LOST.



1. Belinda - October 1, 2005

Yeah…not gonna get a lot of sympathy from an ARKANSAS RAZORBACK FAN this season. We got beat–well, by everyone actually so far, but in particular, by VANDERBILT. You know, Vandy, where they don’t even lower their academic standards for their athletes? Ouch.

I wish I could see Serenity this weekend and help boost its opening-weekend box office, but I don’t think I’m gonna feel up to it.

2. Mother GooseMouse - October 3, 2005

Ouch. I guess I had better go see Nixie and offer congratulations.

3. Nixie Knox - October 3, 2005

I am not even going to rub it in because I know that it is very likely that we will bomb miserably again sometime this season. Still it was VERY nice to win and my throat is still hurting from screaming!–>

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