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Tell Me Who This Sounds Like September 19, 2005

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For those of who read about my run-in with my neighbor ( thanks Belinda and Julie!), I have this to share. My boys had an anti-bullying assembly at school today, complete with a ventriloquist and puppets, and they brought home a handout for parents to read. The information comes from “Bully Proof Your School: A Comprehensive Approach for Elementary Schools” and describes GIRL bullies this way: Girls gossip, write mean notes, and alienate the victim from activities, also they use dirty looks and verbal threats. Hmmmmm……who does that sound like? Sob…I’m a VICTIM!

Times sure have changed though. I am positive that I never went to an anti-bullying assembly as a kid. I don’t even know how schools dealt with bullies in the 70s, although I suspect it involved calling the parents who then took the kid home and spanked them for it. The story the boys told me about the ventriloquist and her puppets was hilarious- the first puppet went to the “time-out box” to “think about his attitude”, the polar bear puppet learned to “express his feelings” and “accept the feelings of others”. Actually, it sounds a lot like the 70s! Remember
Free to Be You and Me” and “I’m OK You’re OK” ?

Speaking of the boys, it’s time to show them off. Here they are in Chicago this summer, having breakfast outside Dunkin Donuts. I wish I could remember what Ryan is saying to Nathan, I’m guessing he’s complimenting him on how well he did getting on and off the Metra train. They are 26 months apart and the love they have for each other is greater than I could ever have imagined. They are each others’ best friend, they support and encourage each other, and sure they fight, but it never lasts more than a few minutes. Of all the things I’ve done in my life, creating and shaping the people they have become is hands down my proudest accomplishment.



1. Mother GooseMouse - September 19, 2005

That sounds like a really cute (and hopefully effective) presentation. We have “Free to Be You and Me” on DVD and will be screening it regularly as the girls grow up.

The boys are so handsome, and the love between them is easy to see. I’m sure they will be wonderful big brothers too, doting on their soon-to-be little sister.

After you upload the pic, you can move it using your mouse just like you would in a Word doc or Powerpoint presentation. Blogger always puts it at the top, whether you want it there or not.

2. Belinda - September 26, 2005

Do I remember “I’m OK, You’re OK?” Oh, yeah. Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies. And the dirty trick I will NEVER forget, in which they wrapped a sweetgum ball up inside of some cotton and handed it to us to squeeze…to illustrate that “sometimes Cold Pricklies are DISGUISED as Warm Fuzzies.” OUCH!

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