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Ham, ham, tacos, corndogs and ham September 14, 2005

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A big thanks to Mimi Smartypants for this link. It really is worth a look, especially if you’ve never visited an elementary school cafeteria and aren’t really sure what your kids are eating. After looking at the pictures of the food choices, what I would like to know is 1) Why do elementary school kids need so many freakin’ lunch choices? What ever happened to if it’s Wednesday it must be goulash? 2) Why do the teachers need pictures they can cut out, laminate and file in plastic boxes? Just how anal are these teachers anyway? (click on “What do I do with these pictures?” on the right for an actual demonstration!) 3) Why does there need to be a picture of a PACKED LUNCH? Do kids need to see a picture of a lunch box to know they brought one to school? 4) Who in the hell thought up the “Taco Tub”?? Because, ewww. And the “Taco Patty” which I guess makes sense because the meat has been pressed, shaped and formed into a solid mass which won’t fall out of the shell when consumed.

Don’t even click on the BBQ meatballs picture. Trust me.



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