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Dear Kaitlyn:Week 28 September 12, 2005

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Dear Kaitlyn,

Today we officially enter Week 28 of our life together, and sometime early this morning you decided to celebrate in a big way-by moving to the other side of the womb! How exciting that must have been for you, leaving the familiar territory of the right side, already thoroughly kicked, for the left side, with all it’s never-been-kicked possibilities. It was a little weird for me, waking up this morning on my left side, my hand automatically going to that space on my right side where you’ve been curled up in a lump for 8 weeks, and feeling the skin strangely slack, as if someone had snuck in with a bicycle pump and let the air out of my side. But sure enough, it only took a minute to feel the familiar thump, only on the left this time, to figure out that you had shifted. Hope you enjoy the new space.

In other news, Daddy has finished sanding the floor in your room, now we just need to wipe everything down, paint with Kilz, apply the Ballerina Gown wall paint, paint the floor with Kilz, and install new laminate flooring. Since you won’t even notice the floor until you start crawling next year, I’m sure you won’t mind if this takes us a while.

Happy 28 weeks, Sweet Pea. We all love you so much already.

Love, Mommy



1. BC - September 13, 2005

I like your letter to Kate. FYI, your current settings require a blogspot ID to post comments. I do not know if this can be changed but if you want more comments, you may want to change that!

2. The Humanity Critic - September 13, 2005

Good post. Just passing through, I’m liking the blog by the way.

3. Belinda - September 18, 2005

How very sweet. We want so much for just *one* more, but I’m not comfortable trying now while taking the meds that I am (even though the doctors act like it’s totally OK), and as Nita says, I’m “careening toward 40” at an alarming rate. Ah, well. What is meant to be, will be, I suppose.

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