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The Good, The Bad, and the Ludicrous September 2, 2005

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Ah, Labor Day weekend. It’s a beautiful 75 degrees, sun shining, slight breeze, and there’s football this weekend at both Big 10 colleges. 1.4 million Michiganders (also known as Michiganians or “trolls” if they live in the Lower Peninsula) will travel to various state parks, tourist cities, their “cabin” by the lake, or to Mackinac for the annual Bridge Walk.

The bad news? If you live near Lansing or Grand Rapids, gas will cost you $3.49 a gallon. Detroit? $3.65. Yet the president of a Michigan oil co. was on the radio encouraging people not to give up their weekend travel plans. The owner of 3 Lansing gas stations was quoted in the paper as saying the price of gas was too high for him and he was cancelling his weekend plans. I don’t feel real bad for him but he can’t afford the gas and he owns the stations!

I’m happy to report that the 7 EDS call centers took 10,000 calls during the Hurricane telethon last night. I don’t know how much money they raised, but I do know that after Kanye West’s comments the calls dropped significantly. BC says people were actually calling back to see if they could CANCEL THEIR DONATION. And this is the man that Time Magazine called “the smartest man in pop music”.



1. Gregg Lebovitz - September 3, 2005

Nothing concerning Kayne West should surprise anyone. I don’t know about you, but unlike Kayne West, when I though a big celebrity bash my friends don’t start shooting and trying to kill each other.

In my humble opinion, Bush doesn’t reserve his indifference for only poor black people. He is indifferent to the whole fucking country. Even those who die for him is his outragious and unjustified war. Ask Cindy Keenan.

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